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pt-pt Nike Adapt App Data Learn More pt_PT,
da-dk Nike Adapt App Data Learn More da_DK,
cs-cz Nike Adapt App Data Learn More cs_CZ,
es-la Nike Adapt App Data Learn More es_LA, es_AR, es_BO, es_BG, es_CL, es_CO, es_CR, es_DO, es_EC, es_GT, es_HN, es_MX, es_NI, es_PA, es_PY, es_PE, es_PR, es_UY, es_VE,
en-gb Nike Adapt App Data Learn More en_GB,
en-us Nike Adapt App Data Learn More en_US,
en-gb-react-id-challenge-rules en_GB
es-es-react-id-challenge-rules es_ES
fr-fr-react-id-challenge-rules fr_FR
en-JP Data Learn More en_JP default
zh-hk NRC Challenge Rules zh_HK
en-jp-local-entities en_JP default
en-jp-Privacy Policy en_JP default
en-JP Terms of Sale en_JP default
en-us-patents-virtual-marking en_US
en-au NRC Challenge Rules en_AU
en-gb NRC Challenge Rules en_GB
zh-tw NRC Challenge Rules zh_TW
es-es NRC Challenge Rules es_ES
nl-nl NRC Challenge Rules nl_NL
es-mx NRC Challenge Rules es_MX
ko-kr NRC Challenge Rules ko_KR
ja-jp NRC Challenge Rules ja_JP
de-de NRC Challenge Rules de_DE
fr-fr NRC Challenge Rules fr_FR
zh-cn NRC Challenge Rules zh_CN
en-us NRC Challenge Rules en_US
en-ma-Privacy Policy en_MA, ar_MA default
en-us Local Entities en_US default
de-at Permashop Terms 2609 de_AT
en-us-min-sec-cont-annex en_US default
zh-CN Participant Release Trial Zone zh_CN
zh-CN Local Entities zh_CN default
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nl-NL Participant Release Trial Zone nl_NL
it-IT Participant Release Trial Zone it_IT
fr-FR Participant Release Trial Zone fr_FR
es-ES Participant Release Trial Zone es_ES
de-DE Participant Release Trial Zone de-de
en-GB Participant Release Trial Zone en-GB


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