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Nike’s Social Media and (third party) Advertising Cookies

For social media and advertising cookies (of third parties), we refer you to the websites and statements of these third parties. We strive to keep this list up to date, however due to the non-static nature of websites and considering that Nike has no control or influence over these third parties it could be that this list is not accurate or out of date.

Adobe Personalised Experiences
Akamai Technologies  Strictly Necessary
Amazon Performance & Analytics
AWIN Personalised Advertising
Bluecore Personalised Experiences
Brightcove Strictly Necessary
Facebook Business Personalised Advertising
Forter Strictly Necessary
Google (Ads Remarketing) Personalised Advertising
Google (DV360) Personalised Advertising
Google (YouTube) Personalised Advertising
Google Tag Manager Strictly Necessary 
Jivox Personalised Advertising
Kibo Software (Certona) Personalised Experiences
Microsoft (Bing Ads) Personalised Advertising
Neustar Personalised Advertising
New Relic Strictly Necessary
Optimizely Performance & Analytics
Pinterest  Personalised Advertising
Pulse Insights Performance & Analytics
Singular Strictly Necessary
Snapchat For Business Personalised Advertising
Stylitics Performance & Analytics
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