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Swoosh Terms

Do Not Resell

Items purchased on Swoosh may NOT be resold, either directly or indirectly, in any manner by any Swoosh user.

This includes:

  • Re-selling NIKE merchandise through Internet auction sites, flea markets, garage sales, or any other type of personal business transaction.
  • Return of merchandise to stores selling NIKE merchandise (including Company Stores, Nike Stores, Factory Stores and external Nike retail stores) for exchange of merchandise or refund.

Maximum Purchase Amounts

  • Maximum purchase amount per order is 100,000 Japanese Yen (before shipping).
  • Maximum order quantity is 5 items per style per employee/family member (unless otherwise indicated).
  • No C.O.D. deliveries.

Do not ship to Nike Facilities

Orders may NOT be shipped to any NIKE facility.

This includes:

  • Nike offices
  • Nike Stores
  • Company Stores
  • Factory Stores
  • NIKE Distribution Centers

Orders must be shipped to a home address or a non-NIKE business address.


  • Products purchased on Swoosh may not be returned to Company Stores, Nike Stores, Factory Stores and external Nike retail stores.
  • For Swoosh users, the designated return option is free of shipping fees.
  • Please refer to this page for details of the return process.  *Please log in to account.


  • All refunds will be credited to the payment form used for the original purchase.
  • No partial refunds.
  • No refunds on price discrepancies between Swoosh and other retail venues.

Do Not Share URL or Make Purchases for Non-authorized Users

  • Do NOT share the URL link or your login and password information with anyone.
  • Do NOT purchase merchandise on behalf of non-Swoosh authorized users if you receive reimbursement.  (Purchases made as gifts are acceptable.)
  • Do NOT purchase merchandise for non-NIKE sponsored sports team (e.g., your child’s athletic team), even if you do not receive reimbursement.

 Eligible Purchases

 Employees and family members registered on Swoosh may make purchases for:

  • Themselves
  • Eligible family members on the employee’s eligible family list
  • Gifts for others

 Purchases must be made with the Swoosh user’s personal credit card.

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